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East Coast Delivery Gourmet Full Pack

East Coast Delivery Gourmet Full Pack
Included in the full carton which is a whole lamb (Approx17-19 kg)

• 2 small legs of lamb
• 2 small rump roasts
• 1 easy carve roast (boned out shoulder)
• 8 lamb cutlets
• 1 rack of lamb
• 2 Backstrap and tenderloin fillets
• 1.5 Kg approx. diced lamb
• 4 lamb shanks
• 2.5 kg approx. organic lamb mince (sausages on request)
• Kidneys
• 1 parcel of organic bones for your VIPet (great for organic stock)

Delivered to your door for $360 (Approx $20 per Kg)

No Extra Delivery charge
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